All Ears

So.. I'm thinking about getting these blog posts out into prints. Is there anything you guys would like to see printed out and hung on your wall? Leave me comments!

I'd love to hear from you, even if you hate my work with a passion!

Okay back to painting now..



jk said...

it would be cool if you made a book out of all these paintings.

THOM said...

I love the vertical piece 'beginning'. absolutely worthy of a print...among other pieces here. great stuff, kinman.

William Fenholt said...

Well I think I've already made it quite clear that I absolutely love the pieces you've done for your story. The one of the man with the orange hood on, the person in the clouds, and the one of the cloudy eyepatched smoke blowing cowboy.

These are awesome to me because they achieve a high level of technical merit, but they're also extremely unique and interesting in their execution. I haven't seen much stuff like this out there, but then again, you might want to make prints out of the stuff you know for sure will sell. The more fine art pieces.

Ben Mauro said...

i second the 'beggining', would also like 'the majestic'.

really loving the landscape paintings lately. great stuff!

Kincept said...

thanks guys! this is all really helpful... :)

jk: i'll definitely get a book going when i paint enough pieces for it.. if i publish it now i'll have like 2 pages..

sho katayama said...

I want the green portrait. Do you recognize what i'm talking about? green limited palette portrait i saw before you moved to SF. I wanna see it again.
Among the painting in this blog,..., I like almost all gouache paintings. Honestly, I really don't think i have a license to say that though.
2 pages? don't be so modest, Kinman! If you say that, mine doesn't reach a quarter of page like an image interrupted by old slow internet connection. The sound is ringing in my head now.

Alex Mandra said...

I need your boots, Brushes and your Motorcycle...and the drawing enhancement drugs... I mean the Vitamin "C" Pills.

Amazing Work Kinman!

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