sticking to my word pt. 1

... and a hue/saturation pass.. because I just didn't feel right painting a red and turquoise painting that day.. there are some interesting shapes in there.. i think.. so onto the next step!

**the key here when I'm doing this for myself is to just a reminder that all I'm looking for is an interesting set of shapes..

Once I feel like I've created something that I feel has somewhat of a potential I'll bring it into photoshop and tweak edges even more using the smudge brush..

So here goes.. a step by step of a new piece.. I'll just jump right into it (for those of you reading this it goes from the bottom --> up). I started with a random set of scribbles in ArtRage. The good thing about the program I find is that there's a cleanliness of edge variation and color mixing that you don't get in photoshop..


William Fenholt said...

Uber interesting. This is pretty cool because I've seen the abstract shape process before but not really pushed this far. It'll be great to see what you come up with.

Erik said...

holy cow that was a ton of information thrown all at once! Nice and clear - very cool approach kinman thanks for posting the process!

Anonymous said...


Rochelle said...

Wow! This is great! I feel like I've been looking everywhere for someone to explain this kind of process of painting to me, and yet, now, when I'm not looking for it, I found it!

Thank you so much!! The process is beautiful, and so are the colours and just... everything!