beyond the blog...

On top of a little bit of soul searching, there are a couple of things I'm working on at the moment (which is kind of why I haven't been posting too much).

1 - I helped out with an upcoming charity event for Miyazaki (organized by the amazing Dice Tsutsumi) to help save the forest that inspired Totoro. Some Uber amaaazing artists were involved..

Check it out:

Jackson posted his piece, so I might as well post a low res version too :)

2 - ...there is freelance, which I can't show or talk about unfortunately.. and..

3 - I will be selling prints at Comic Con in a couple of weeks (for anyone who's interested).
I'll be at the Nerve Bomb Comics booth (1329) along with some friends from Lucasfilm Animation.

Feel free to stop by! My book is on hold until I make sure it is as good as I can make it..

.. and now.. back to the stress of preparation.


Jackson said...

Go Kinman Chan!

stephen erik schirle said...

that is very very awesome! such cool design

Stuart Kim said...

Hey Kinman! That's a great piece! The design element created w/ the twin moons and the comet is highly effective.

shellywan said...

Alright Bro!! ^0^

Need some help: Remember this great book with light blue color that's itallian? A lot of drawings of Nudes with Shining Spheres...? Do you know what the name is? i want to order it now since it's been bugging me~

Did u see the 500 Boldini Book they have on Amazon??!


olgastern said...

Really gorgeous piece Kinman. One of my favourites of yours that I have seen so far.
I like the mystery the clowds are creating, as to where mountains and land are.

John Wu said...

I want your book!!!!

And your first born child:P.


Great work Kinman!

THOM said...

clever stuff kinman! really inspiring..

Josh Kao said...


Joey Chou said...

great piece, see you at SD next week. i'll be at booth 734!

Edwin Rosell said...

Nice one Kinman! I can't wait to get my hands on that book! Hope to see you at Comic-Con.

P e t e r : : Y u : : C h u n g said...

face in the sky is genius!!!

Edmund Liang said...

your sense of color is STUNNING.

sexy stuff.

love it.

Anonymous said...

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