replenishing my oil paints

i've been starting to do some longer figure paintings these days at this school in Belmont (www.bacaa.org).. i'm working on a new one, which i can't talk about... but here's the last one i did..

i figure a couple of details won't hurt either, since when i look at small pictures of paintings i get annoyed sometimes that i can't look a bit closer at the artist's work..

this is one of my attempts at karma.. i hope to see lots more details of paintings in the future... or at least imagine them.


sidetracked in my sparetime

i told myself i was going to only work on this for one hour tonight... but given the hours i already put in it and the yearning to do another piece, i decided i would get it to a certain level and then post it...

in this case my painting time is the reason why i'm not getting other areas of life covered.. ugh

i guess i'll have to save the errands for another day..