demo for a friend..

Here's my quick study (as far as I will take it for demo's sake)..

From a Painting standpoint, here's how we need to think of it. The simpler, the better.

From a Drawing standpoint, here's how we get there..

-Think simple first... a cylinder or a box next to another one.
-Then get to a comfortable point where we can adjust/modify that box or cylinder.
-Once the base is there, think of the other features as miniature forms.
-Refine and start pinpointing the corners of those forms.. more importantly, where they lie on the bigger picture.
-Now it's possible to design the shapes...
-..until we have our Refined Lay-In.

The rest is a combo.. back and forth, from drawing, to painting, to designing/abstracting, and repeat.. and repeat...

Hope it helps :)


plus a page

for good measure..

as requested

Dark to Light.. My favorite of the set. Learned how to control my values a bit better for when I go back to work...

Light to Dark.. Tricky to get likenesses at this scale. Will have to keep at it. :)

Mid-tone out #1.. the original was too narrow, so I stretched a bit in Photoshop. I am not ashamed.

Mid-tone out #2... as usual, I like the preliminary steps better.