It's that time of year

For the few of you who were asking.. Here's a snippet of what my sketchbook has been looking like recently..
Hope you like :)

Happy Holidays everyone!



Wow.. thanks so much for the comments guys! I have some new work to share after such a short break :)

So this past weekend my brother, his wife, and I were chatting about our tastes for Big Band Jazz (before we went out).. and on the ferry to our island trip we played a game.
I'm calling it:

"He She Me Drawing"

These last 3 pieces reflected what we were talking about earlier, in a subconsciously jazzy abstract way. This was our first collaboration.

A BIG Thank You to Ken & Jenny..
Hope you guys like it! :)





Round One

My piece for the Street Fighter show for those who aren't in LA.. and the link again here just in case you haven't seen the other great artwork @ Nucleus...


late night update night..

There's a show going on at Nucleus in LA which myself and many other AMAAZING artists will be a part of April 25th.. here are the details:


I would post my piece, but that would defeat the purpose of you going to the show... besides, I'm not quite done with it yet..

Feel free to check out the link and go if you can!


Ye Olde Panic!

No real intention here when I started.. I just had an itch to turn abstract shapes into something.