for me..

I like being back in study mode.. After I painted this one I was asking myself why I painted it.. she keeps looking away (sigh)

...for todd

Here's the system I've been using for a blueprint of a generic head.. I would explain more, but I need a good two or three pages of writing to be clear, so I'll save the words for a future book. Hopefully it is clear enough for me not to have to say anything.

Like the previous image, I would need a good amount of words to explain this further. I simplified it to 3 basic learning modes. There is a number 4 and 5 in my mind, but I think once someone gets past 3, number 4 and 5 are pretty obvious.

Basically I wanted the audience to be confused with numbers and grids.. That's what my book will really be about. :)

Thanks for the positive comments!