new piece

Here's a detail for a new personal project that I hope to finish for the next Comic Con (seriously inspired by all the talent out there)..


beyond the blog...

On top of a little bit of soul searching, there are a couple of things I'm working on at the moment (which is kind of why I haven't been posting too much).

1 - I helped out with an upcoming charity event for Miyazaki (organized by the amazing Dice Tsutsumi) to help save the forest that inspired Totoro. Some Uber amaaazing artists were involved..

Check it out:

Jackson posted his piece, so I might as well post a low res version too :)

2 - ...there is freelance, which I can't show or talk about unfortunately.. and..

3 - I will be selling prints at Comic Con in a couple of weeks (for anyone who's interested).
I'll be at the Nerve Bomb Comics booth (1329) along with some friends from Lucasfilm Animation.

Feel free to stop by! My book is on hold until I make sure it is as good as I can make it..

.. and now.. back to the stress of preparation.


Stepping back for a moment..

After diving into these paintings for a bit, I realized a few things.

1 - My heart is not in this picture as much as I'd like it to be.
2 - I'm not really expressing my full potential.
3 - There is more to me than I thought (which is good) ..

A friend gave me some genuine advice today, and I will carefully
reconsider how I've been doing this whole thing.

Kinman needs a reboot.. More artwork to come when ready..


chugging along

unfortunately I don't have any high res reference for this painting. So I'm finding out I can't get as finished as I wanted to on this. I'll have to wing a lot of it as I go..


.. and project 2

part 2 of a self check to see how far I can take things.. plus I just really liked this piece of ref... here's the first half hour.

For all the times when I need a break from Matt Damon I'll switch off with this... or that's the plan at least.


hour 2

.. because I don't get the chance to spend time on longer paintings these days, I want to see how far I can take this thing (in progress)..


finally opened up some time!

convinced myself to do this an hour before i slept tonight.. many thanks to the loyal visitors out there!


painting before packing

Before I move, I have to pack. I wanted to paint this page in a magazine before I packed it. 30 min speedie... entertainingly inaccurate..


for me..

I like being back in study mode.. After I painted this one I was asking myself why I painted it.. she keeps looking away (sigh)

...for todd

Here's the system I've been using for a blueprint of a generic head.. I would explain more, but I need a good two or three pages of writing to be clear, so I'll save the words for a future book. Hopefully it is clear enough for me not to have to say anything.

Like the previous image, I would need a good amount of words to explain this further. I simplified it to 3 basic learning modes. There is a number 4 and 5 in my mind, but I think once someone gets past 3, number 4 and 5 are pretty obvious.

Basically I wanted the audience to be confused with numbers and grids.. That's what my book will really be about. :)

Thanks for the positive comments!



I saw this guy on a cover of a random magazine that was sent to my house. I liked the palette and feel of the picture, so I decided to paint it. No other reason than to paint a head while I recover from my sickness..