new methods

On the path of experimentation. I think I'm becoming more and more abstract as I work. And I end up staring at my painting for hours trying to see weird things. I should change my title to full time starer of abstract paintings.


bay views pt 9

I was struggling as usual on this one. I found out really quick as I was painting that tree bark has so much subtle color variation (most of which I couldn't capture). Then when I ran out of time on the painting I noticed the contrast was much higher in the shadow vs. light category...

Just when you think you've kind of tackled one area correctly, another one slaps you in the face..

Next time I'll bring a bigger thinking cap.


OTILS pt 6

Selected oldie quick sketches. I just finished another pad recently so I might post some newer old stuff soon, but I wanted to post these from the archives before I moved on.. some of the semi successful sketches from 2 years ago.